Myriad has expert personnel and experience to develop and implement local, national and international campaigns tailored to make the most of each market across a range of media.

In doing so, we work across all media platforms and harness our myriad of agency skills to deliver tangible results, working closely with other agencies that make up the marketing mix.

Media Relations

This is our bread and butter.

Myriad has an in-depth knowledge of and strong relationships with the media – local, national, international and specialist.  As wordsmiths with a passion for what we do, our media relations are second to none. Whatever the medium – online, print or broadcast – we excel. It’s as simple as that.

Social Media

At Myriad, we champion the huge potential of social media and can work closely with your brand or business to help you influence, listen and engage with your audiences. From recommending strategies and themes for day to day content creation and community management, to delivering impactful, disruptive campaigns, our digital communications strategists can provide expert support to help you achieve measureable success.  

We can set up and manage your channels in house, or a team can recommend a tailored programme and offer a one-off, in-house training session, advising you on how to best incorporate personal channels, widen your network and manage the channels in house.

Blogger Outreach

We know that PR strategies that feed blogging communities and generating positive product reviews are of considerable benefit to brands. Brands cannot afford to underestimate the power of positive product reviews. Real-time recommendations from real people are a trusted source of accreditation. That’s why we have become highly skilled at engaging with bloggers on outreach campaigns that build brand awareness and, most importantly, drive sales.

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We plan and deliver inspiring, creative events which position the companies and brands we represent in the media spotlight. From small and intimate media briefings to highly-targeted product launch parties, we ensure our events meet our clients’ brief and fit into an overall communications strategy.

Media Training

Myriad delivers tailored media training workshops with practicing journalists to allow clients to develop the skills to speak confidently and clearly to the media, helping them to effectively reach specialist audiences and respond to issues and crises. Through in-depth presentations and role-play, the agency helps clients develop knowledge of how the media works and the most efficient ways of making their point.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing communications focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online via a variety of mediums, such as videos, blogs, and social media posts.

Content doesn’t necessarily promote a brand, but stimulates interest in its products or services via strategic thought leadership copy placement. Content marketing is one of the services in our arsenal, combining our creativity, excellent writing skills and in-depth knowledge of the online media landscape.

Public Affairs

Public policy creation, political decision taking and the passage of legislation can often seem very complicated and inaccessible to brands. Myriad has a long history of working with key opinion leaders to enhance brand stature and create awareness within relevant industries and sectors. We are able to offer bespoke political lobbying, public affairs and government relations services and advice.

Whether you are interested in public or private bills, public acts, statutory instruments, private member’s bills, ministerial orders, QUANGOs, government departments or running a campaign directed at any one of these bodies, then we simplify the process and help you achieve your aims.

Corporate PR

We live in an age where reputations are hard won and easily lost. Building a strong corporate reputation, underpinned by a thought leadership strategy, positively influences stakeholder relationships. A clear corporate communications strategy can help organisations explain their values and goals into a cohesive message, for the benefit of its stakeholders.

The agency is experienced in providing the entire range of corporate services, from proactive media briefing campaigns through to crisis PR and internal communications programmes.

Crisis Management

As experienced journalists ourselves, we instinctively know the line of questioning a journalist may take and which could potentially damage a brand or company. It is our role to prepare and protect our clients and to devise end deliver issues management strategies to minimise negative news impact.

Myriad provides efficient and effective crisis management support which includes consultancy, crisis PR, 24/7 availability and media relations.


When you need to get your message across quickly, clearly and with precision‚ having the writing skills of a professional journalist at your fingertips can make all the difference.

Myriad has extensive copywriting experience, including brochures, advertisements, newsletters, leaflets, reports, web content, direct mail and much more. Whether it is for consumer, public sector or business to business audiences, a team of journalists will provide the words that deliver your key messages in a credible, concise manner.