lights by TENA

lights by TENA has been continuing its mission to help break the taboos surrounding light bladder weakness, with the help of Myriad PR.

In an aim to destigmatise the conversation and encourage more women to open up about their own experiences, lights by TENA created three case study videos featuring real women talking about light bladder weakness. To generate awareness for the assets, and to amplify conversation online, Myriad launched a targeted influencer programme - connecting with high-profile bloggers relevant to the brand’s target demographic.

Bloggers who took part in the activity created authentic and inspiring posts, including their personal experiences of light bladder weakness. Sharing their stories inspired their followers to do the same, helping to generate positive conversation. 

Thanks to Myriad’s strong relationships with the bloggers, they went above and beyond to raise awareness of this important topic. The bloggers wrote posts and also shared the case study videos across their social platforms which generated fantastic engagement.

The reach for the activity totalled 818,936 across 28 pieces of coverage.


For examples of coverage secured by Myriad PR, please see below: 


To watch lights by TENA’s case study videos please see below: