A first class track record of building and strengthening the profile of a brand in the public eye means Myriad has the contacts and skills to make sure the public gets the right message.

Spectacular, results driven eye-catching PR is a vital element of the mix and one that Myriad PR excels in. We sincerely believe our contacts in the consumer media are second to none and we consistently go to them with ideas to help promote the clients we represent.

We are accustomed to communicating complex and often delicate issues to the media, honestly, creatively and effectively.


Myriad PR was founded as a healthcare PR agency nearly 30 years ago and we continue to lead in this sector, which we know inside out.

While we have grown to lead in other sectors too, our roots are in healthcare, where our strategic insight, exceptional creativity and commitment to service excellence allow us to consistently exceed expectations.

Our comprehensive experience within the sector encompasses FMCG, OTC and consumer healthcare, through to working with and representing NGOs, charities, healthcare professionals and elements of the NHS.


Our knowledge of consumer and trade PR has led us to grow significantly in the household sector, representing brands which have often found it difficult to gain coverage.

We have achieved outstanding results by using our network of contacts and harnessing the creative thought of the agency.

We now represent a wide range of household name brands, working on both a retained and project basis.

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